Cig Pop Revenge
Warning: Keeping Her Waiting May Cause Popping
Mina pads out to the living room for a post coital cigarette, where she encounters nearly 50 tightly inflated 16" helium balloons. At first mildly irritated at being kept waiting, Mina chain smokes Marlboro Light 100s and keeps accidentally popping the balloons, which seem to be everywhere. Eventually Mina tells her guy "For every minute that you keep me waiting, I'm going to pop one of these balloons." True to her word, Mina cig pops his latex lovelies with her all-whites, punishing him for keeping her waiting. She fearlessly pops all but two, with cigarette in hand, between her lips, and even with her bic lighter. For fans of smoking and balloons, this video is sure to satisfy!
45 Minutes
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